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“Music is a soundtrack to our lives, so wherever I am, everything I see and feel creates a tune in my head. Through my music I try to find balance between melodies, emotions, dark atmospheres and rhythm. I am using mostly vintage, analog synthesizers. You can hear influences of 80’s / 90’s ambient, films score and post-rock. “

Over 20 years of experience on stage and in the studio as a professional musician. Member of the Association of Artists and Composers ZAiKS, the STOART association, as well as the Phonographic Academy of Audio-Video Producers ZPAV. Best known as a member of the rock band Riverside. Nominated for the Polish Fryderyk Awards with the band and for his solo album.

Has collaborated with Behemoth, Tangerine Dream, Lunatic Soul and others…

Sound designer and soundtrack music composer at the game development company Symbiotic Labs, working on the new game ‘The Arbor’.

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Real Listeners Reviews

Listeners Reviews

    "Are You There is a beautiful first solo album by Michal. It's not prog rock, and you'll need to have an affinity for instrumental synthesizer/hammond music. I'll definitely keep playing the album many more times, as Michal has struck me with his music."
  • The Progmind
    "Are You There deserves your time and money, not just for its fantastic progressive rock moments, but primarily for Michał’s arresting, vivacious artistry and burgeoning emotions. This will definitely be one of the best albums of 2021"
  • Nación Progresiva
    "Are You There was necessary, but we didn't know it until we had it in front of us. Now there is nothing left but to wait for future productions from this Pole, who for now has recorded one of the best albums of 2021."
  • The Progressive Aspect
    "Are You There is an album of restless inquisitiveness, lovingly crafted by a supremely gifted maestro who intuitively discerns with every fibre of his being what music is capable of revealing when you understand the exquisite depths your instrument can summon and the sublime blend of textures it can express. To really appreciate what Łapaj has achieved with this release, I strongly suggest a hearty tweak of the volume control – not only to hear all the delicious treasures being offered but to feel them wash over you in a consuming, enveloping rapture. This is definitely something to be savoured."

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