Michał Łapaj
Mystic Production
Producer: Michał Łapaj
Number of discs: 1

Do you like synths as much as I do?

The idea of Sessions was born out of pure improvisation and a fascination with old analog synthesizers. The songs initially appeared on YT (here) once in a while, and the whole idea was born during a pandemic lockdown. The moment has come to tie them together and close a certain chapter.

The album includes the already known songs Session 1, 2 and 3, but in a new, remastered version, with a much better sound, and two completely new compositions – Sessions 4 and 5.

Some of the instruments I used:

-Sequential Circuits Prophet 5
-Moog Minimoog D
-Moog Satellite
-Korg Ms-20
-Korg Polysix
-Korg Monopoly
-Korg Microkorg
-Roland Juno 60
-Oberheim OB-6
-Elektron Octatrack
-Musel 3M

… and others




  1. Session 1 (remastered)
  2. Session 2 (remastered)
  3. Session 3 (remastered)
  4. Session 4
  5. Session 5
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