The Session VIII

Tangerine Dream
Eastgate Music

Eastgate Music is happy to announce a new chapter of Tangerine Dream’s session series: The Sessions VIII – Poland Session 2021, featuring guest musician Michal Lapaj of Riverside. This live session was recorded during their performance at the United Arts Festival in Gdansk and at Progresja Summer Stage in Warsaw in August 2021. The session is a special one, as it consists of a montage of the two live sessions from Gdansk and Warsaw. Quote Thorsten Quaeschning: “Both sessions were re/arranged into one long session. Taking some bars from day one, then another section of the second day, than again parts of the first show,… A little bit like the idea behind “Ricochet”.”


1 Poland Session 2021 Pt01 5:47
2 Poland Session 2021 Pt02 4:14
3 Poland Session 2021 Pt03 5:08
4 Poland Session 2021 Pt04 6:30
5 Poland Session 2021 Pt05 3:37
6 Poland Session 2021 Pt06 6:37
7 Poland Session 2021 Pt07 7:02
8 Poland Session 2021 Pt08 3:05
9 Poland Session 2021 Pt09 5:08
10 Poland Session 2021 Pt10 1:58

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Recorded live at United Arts Festival in Gdańsk/PL on 15th August 2021 and
at Progresja Summer Stage in Warsaw/PL on 17th August 2021
All rights reserved 2023